Powering Payments in a Digital World

The convergence of digital technologies with payment services will fundamentally change the way we discover, interact with, and consume financial services. At Liquid Group, we have the tools to help our business partners power ahead in this new era.
Jeremy Tan
Founder and CEO
Liquid Group is a leading QR payment services group headquartered in Singapore with a presence across the Asia-Pacific
We operate an open API based QR payment acceptance network that enables the cross-border acceptance of bank and non-bank QR payment apps across multiple markets in the region. By spearheading the largest cross-border interoperability framework, Liquid Group is an industry leader in the creation of a more connected and robust mobile payment ecosystem for all.
One-Stop Contactless QR Digital Payment
Multiple Digital QR Payment Apps and Bank Apps Accepted
Unified payment processing, report, and settlement for all your QR transactions
Online QR Payment

Convenient payment experience for consumer

Reduce hassle of collecting and processing consumer payment card data
In-App QR Payment

Toggle to consumer payment app for in-app payments

Reduce hassle of collecting and processing consumer payment card data

Contactless In-Store QR Payment

Safe and hygienic payment process with zero contact needed between customer and cashier

Our Solutions

Liquid Group has four key solutions, namely: Liquid Net, Liquid Wallet, Liquid Plus and Liquid Life.
Our solutions are modular and can be customised to enhance your existing app, products or services.

We aim to work with partners, networks and merchants to enhance their mobile payment capabilities and
enabling them with tools to deliver impactful and high value experiences to their valued customers and stakeholders.

Liquid Net is an open payments processing network and interoperable platform for mobile QR payment players to connect and pay.

  • Payment apps connected to Liquid Net can scale up global merchant outreach with ease and speed
  • Merchants connected to Liquid Net can accept multiple payment apps through a single connection

Liquid Wallet is a mobile wallet widget that can deliver smart mobile QR payments.

  • Our flexible SDK and API solutions can be embedded to any existing app or white-label standalone app to enhance the consumer QR payment experience
  • Consolidate and securely store tokenised payment cards, stored value facilities, membership cards and vouchers
  • Supports marketing and reward programmes such as membership, cashback, rewards points, cash and discount vouchers
  • Allow seamless redemption of vouchers during QR payment

Liquid Life is an open marketplace for financial and lifestyle services with built-in technology for data-driven smart consumer targeting. Liquid AI Engine, driven by a combination of user, contextual and predicative data, allows us to deliver customised marketing and pricing to consumers to drive engagement and loyalty.

  • F&B and Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Utility & Daily Needs
  • Travel

Loyalty programmes can be easily integrated with mobile payment under Liquid Life.

Liquid Plus provides a wide variety of QR acceptance implementations for merchants - enabling fast, cost-efficient, and productivity-enhancing deployments. Merchants can also adopt our QR-triggered services for an improved customer experience.

  • Pay@Table
  • Pay@Counter
  • Scan & Pay
  • Merchant Scan
Liquid Group solutions are PCI DSS v3.2 and ISO 27001 certified for payments data and information security
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